FAMILY COMES FIRST a.k.a. The challenges of being a working dad.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disclaimer: I AM NOT GOING TO STOP BLOGGING this is just a post about why I have been blogging LESS over the pass month. Have no fear, The Hipster Dad shall live on! (I am already working on a new post as we speak!)

You guys may have noticed over the past month the amount of times I post, and the quality of these posts, have dramatically dropped. I have a variety of reasons for this but the main one is exhaustion. I AM EXHAUSTED!! THERE I SAID IT. I recently left the job I had been working at for three years and accepted a better paying position at a higher profile agency. While this is wonderful news for my family and I, it has taken it's toll on my mental and physical ability to keep up with a lot of things, like this blog. At my old job I was used to everything I had to do, everyone I had to interact with and all the processes for getting work done, here I am the new guy- I know nothing. I understood there would be a learning curve but I didn't think it would drain me so badly. 

In addition to my 'real job' I also run my own business. I started it with my pal Kaitlin Maud about a year ago and we service small to mid sized companies with business solutions including online/offline design and marketing, and more recently photo and video as well. The company is called Rain or Shine and I love doing it. It fulfills my need to work for my self, take on projects I want to work on and turn down ones I don't. It helps provide my family with extra income and eventually I hope to ONLY do Rain or Shine and not have to have a "9-5er".  

p.s. Another awesome daddy-blogger recently took the leap to being a stay at home daddy  and if you don't read his blog you are a fool! Check him out here -->

In addition to my two jobs I also like to consider myself an artist. I attended art school and hold a Bachelor's of Fine Arts. If you are an aspiring artist and want to educate yourself about art and design in general, click here. I think art is one of the most important things in life and continue to make whenever I possibly can. Before Sierra, art was the most important thing in my life and I hope to make it important in hers as well. Now between my two jobs and trying to be a practicing artist can you see how I have very little time for other things like a social life or blogging? BUT WAIT THERES MORE... 

I'm also a Dad. This is the MOST important job I have. This job is the one that is the most mentally and physically exhausting but it is also the one that is the most rewarding. Did I feel great when I got an offer letter for a new job with a larger salary? Yes, but it was not as rewarding as when Sierra asks screams "UPPEE DADDY UPPEE DADDY" the second I get home. Was watching my business grow over the past year rewarding? Yes, but not as rewarding as watching Sierra grow 10x faster. Do I miss making films and sculptures regularly? Yes, but not as much as I enjoy making finger paintings or Elmer's glue and pom-pom collages with Sierra. Becoming a father changes you in many ways and you need to find a way to make all the pieces fit. I have not given up my career or my art work but I have realized what is truly important in my life and learned to prioritize as best I can. As Adam Sandler once said in his dying breath in 2006's Click... "FAMILY COMES FIRST."

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  1. I feel the same way (actually have a similar half written post that because I got busy for all the reasons you say, I never finished it.)

    And putting kid over stuff is why my blog sometimes suffers. And why I rarely take photos any more... but yeah my project (MF) is far more rewarding than anything else.


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