Tuesday Tunes!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

1. XANDER'S SONG - Into It. Over It. - New North-Side Air – It might be a bit of a cop-out to go with the first track on the album, but this tune really resonates with me (specifically the first line about quitting smoking and focusing on family/home life). They played in Boston last week, and it was an incredible show despite my 6-month pregnant wife not exactly enjoying herself (in retrospect, she probably should have stayed home.) The album doesn’t slow down from here, and it’s highly recommended from track 1 to 12.

2. CRAIG'S SONG: Schoolboy Q - Prescription/Oxymoron -  Can't get enough of this song. Vivid storytelling style hip hop at it's best in my opinion. The breaks with his daughter's voice are haunting and really hit hard, especially as a parent.

3. MICHAEL'S SONG: A$AP Rocky - In Distress (feat. Fesaffelstein) - Most unlikely of coupling for a$ap to date, tech house producers meet the front lines of the new wave of hip hop lyricists. What's next Danny Brown x DJ Hell?

4. DON'S SONG - Glocca Morra - My Black Dog / Cosmic Being - Been jamming these guys a lot lately. Reminds me of when I used to call music "emo" and it wasn't a wack thing. Makes me nostalgic for basement shows, backpacks and rolled jeans.  

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