Sunday, September 30, 2012

I AM EXHAUSTED. IKEA can really take a lot out of a guy... Finally back home and trying to whip our apartment into something that resembles cleanliness. Sierra and I are winding down with some green tea and Netflix. Happy Sunday ya'all. -Craig

Bringing your kids to the movies for the first time!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last night was Friday, our "Family Movie Night", which usually means watching something at home on Netflix or iTunes. But this FMN we decided to bring Sierra to the movie theater for the first time ever!

She's 3 now and we thought it was a good time to give it a shot. We decided to go see Hotel Transylvania, I was a bit nervous about it being too scary for her but Lauren and I agreed if she couldn't handle it that we would just leave and try again another time. BUT she did did AWESOME! She was a perfect little angel the whole time. She was quiet, stayed in her seat and was basically awe struck the entire time.

Before the movie we discussed how the theater would be loud and dark but that it was going to be safe and lots of fun. We discussed the rules of the theater such as being quiet, staying in our seats, etc. She was so excited and adhered to all the rules so that she could go again another day. The only issue we had was her holding the seat down but we eventually (with the help of a booster seat that the movie theater provided) made it work. We had a BLAST and I can not wait for the next in-theater Family Movie Night!

Sierra enjoying (believe it or not) vegan movie popcorn! They use a soy butter dairy free alternative and canola oil. SO not healthy but also not made with cows milk so we were OK with it. What would a movie theater experience be without popcorn?!

The movie wasn't too scary and it was really funny! With voices from Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Andy Samberg and Steve Buscemi I'm not surprised. Plenty of funny slapstick stuff for the kids with some more adult jokes to keep the older crowd interested. Two thumbs up from Sierra and I!

The next morning Sierra was pretending to be "Mavis" from the movie.
So say hello to our little vampire!


Cutest Halloween costume EVER.

One of my Facebook friends posted this story this morning and it's officially the cutest Halloween costume I've ever heard. 4 year old Carter is wheelchair bound due to Spina Bifida so, for last Halloween, his dad transformed his wheelchair into an Ice Cream Truck. 

I am nominating Carter's father for Dad of the year...

A Great Morning.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good morning everyone. I'm on the bus right now and figured it would be a good time to write a quick note  about how my morning was the complete opposite of yesterday. It went perfectly. Sierra not only slept until my alarm went off she let me hit snooze for 10 minutes and then get everything else ready. Having everything all set, including myself, before having to start getting her dressed and fed is a huge leg up in the race out the door.

When I first went into her room she was crying a bit and asking for Lauren but after about 15 seconds of holding and a game where I pretended her fingers and toes were bananas and that I was STARVING she was giggling and ready to get help pick out her clothes.

We threw the clothes on, the 'clippies' in her hair and toast in her mouth and out the door we went. The rain that was pounding the window earlier in the morning had now subsided and the sun was just beginning to poke through the clouds making our trip much easier than yesterday.

On the stroll to daycare I noticed Fall had certainty begun to fall here in Boston. This is THE best time of the year to be in Boston in case any of you are considering vacationing in the next couple of months, its truly a beautiful time of year. On the walk I asked her if she knew why their were leaves covering the sidewalk and explained that the seasons were beginning to change. I explained that Summer is lots of fun because its warm, sunny and we get to go to the beach but that Autumn can be just as much fun, just in different ways. I explained about the leaves falling and the crunching sound they make when you walk on them. I asked if she remembered going to the apple orchard to pick apples and pumpkins. I reminded her about how we went on a hay ride and asked if she'd like to do that again to which she answered "Yes… some day".

It was a wonderful walk and as much as I miss our leisurely mornings I'm beginning to remember why I love the special mornings between just my daughter and I even more.


Even though it's a Tuesday I have a serious case of the MONDAYS!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good morning everyone. Even though it's a Tuesday I have a serious case of the MONDAYS!!!

Sierra woke up at 7AM (even though my alarm was set for 7:15 - HOW RUDE!). The worst part of her being awake that early was she got to see the tail end of Lauren leaving for work which meant she had a melt down. Over the summer Sierra gets very used to having Mama at home and there for wake ups but today marks Day 1 of school here in Massachusetts and Lauren is a teacher so off she goes to work. This means Daddy-Mornings are back in full swing.

Once the melt down subsided we began our morning routine with brushing teeth and getting dressed, followed by making some breakfast and running out the door 10 minutes late. All in all it was a pretty smooth first day back into our routine and I was feeling good, only 10 minutes late is a new record for us. Now this is where the shit show begins...

OH it's RAINING. How lovely... not only does rain suck when carting a toddler car-less to daycare but it washed away our big "GOOD LUCK MAMA!" sidewalk chalk mural surprise so Lauren didn't get to see it. Boo! Normally we have the car but we didn't want Lauren to be late on her first day so she took it. Anyway, back into the house we go for boots, umbrellas and other anti-rain devices. Low and behold Sierra's rain jacket AND rain boots are M.I.A. (I think in the car), so we improvise by covering her with one of Lauren's windbreakers, putting snow boots on and off we go. Now this wouldn't be SO bad but hey it's garbage day in our neighborhood! This means garbage cans, recycling barrels and stray trash litter the sidewalk making strolling near impossible on our narrow sidewalks. So off the curb, on the curb, off the curb, on the curb we go. On one particular jump off the curb my coffee goes flying and splatters all over the sidewalk. LOVELY! 

We finally arrive at daycare and Sierra breaks into hysterics as I leave. So now that I officially feel like the worst Dad ever I narrowly miss my bus and need to wait 25 minutes in the rain for the next one. I am a bit behind on some work I need to have finished for an important 10 AM meeting so I stayed up late last night working on it and now also work on my laptop the entire bus and subway ride to work. I finally arrive at work to find out that said 10AM meeting has been rescheduled to next week! Well I am about to buy myself an iced-coffee and dig into my pile of emails. Happy 10 AM everyone! -Craig

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