MOMS on DADS: Kate Foley Hardage

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hi everyone. Craig here. As a precursor to a post that we hope to be the first of many, I want to introduce you to a new feature we're calling "Moms on Dads". As you may have guessed, it's Moms talking about Dads. This can be their own Dads, their baby daddies or any Dad that's ever had an impact on their life - good or bad. If any of you want to contribute and gush about your man, discuss your fathers role in your own life or even just brag about an awesome Dad you know drop us a line!

Thanks and without further ado here is Kate Foley Hardage...


Hey everyone. My name is Kate and I know Craig through his baby mama. My firstborn is four months older than Sierra, so we’ve gone through a lot of the same things at the same time. My usual haunt is Four is the Magic Number, where I usually spend time writing about the day to day happenings and milestones with my two little boys, Dex and Kiery. However, today I wanted to take some time to write about the other boy (um- I guess I should say man) in my life.

Logan and I pretty much put our relationship on fast forward from the start. From the day we first hung out, we pretty much lived together, were pregnant a month later, and two weeks before our bundle of joy arrived we were married. Being unmarried and pregnant at 22 (he was 25) was pretty scary. However, from the first moment when I told him there was a possibility of a baby in our future, he was all in. Five years ago he spent most of his nights behind a bottle of alcohol, most of his “outdoor time” was smoking cigarettes, and he lived in a house where three of the four stories were inhabited with a bunch of guys that shared interest in those pastimes as well. If you knew him now, I don’t think that would be how you would picture him at all. He has gone to every doctor’s appointment, every baby class, and being a great father and husband is always at the front of his mind.

He works hard. He works often. He is the Assistant Manager at a local coffee shop and is greatly invested in its growth and future, and also lives the closest which means he is pretty much always on call. He puts in his barista hours behind the bar, but is constantly running numbers, doing paperwork, checking in on employees and running errands. I couldn’t even tell you the number of hours he works a week. And yet- he still finds the energy to be a stay-at-home dad two and a half days a week with our three and a half year old and sixteen month old. (We are so lucky and grateful for all the help we have had to have both of us able to work full time and not have the kiddos in daycare). He does most of the grocery shopping, many of the errands, often has dinner ready when I get home, and more often than not, shows up at my work with a treat of some kind. He does art projects with the boys, takes them to the playground and teaches them how to respect women. He sleeps five hours at night, spends nine hours with the boys and then goes into work for the night. While balance is not always had, there is always a lot of love, and he does it 99.9% of the time with no complaints.

I think that things are hard for all parents right now. We are figuring out our “roles” in a society that has greatly changed in the last thirty years. What was true for our grandparents is definitely not the norm anymore. This means different things for each family, and it means that each family looks a bit different from the next. I can only speak for myself and my own family and say that a lot of our success comes from lots of communication, working hard pretty much all the time, and being a true team. (Yes, we even have a team name). I am so lucky and so grateful for the dad I have as a father to my children. As a woman, I look at him and other men like the Hipster Dads here and know that we have great role models for our children, and I couldn’t ask for more. 

Tuesday Tunes

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hey sorry we haven't blogged much the past few weeks! Everyone has been super busy with work, family and all that stuff. Silly life ruining our blog! Anyway just doing a quick Tuesday Tunes post... Been on a serious hip hop kick all week so this feels appropriate Atmosphere's "She's Enough" - Enjoy. -Craig

Tuesday Tunes!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So we haven't posted in like two weeks because A) We were pretty burnt out after posting every day for 12 days with our "12 Dads of Xmas" series. and B) We had the holidays to celebrate duh!

But we're back on the grind with a few posts in the works and of course our weekly "Tuesday Tunes" series. Anyway enjoy this weeks songs and if you want to listen to all the songs we've ever picked you should subscribe to our Spotify Playlist!

1. "Jamestown" by The Movielife -- It's 2013 everybody and what better way to celebrate than talking about music from 10 years go in 2003? The Movielife's "Forty Hour Train Back to Penn" is one of those "all time favorite never get sick of it" albums for me. Every song on it is so good you just want to jump up, pump your fist and sing along (or cry) no matter where you are. Put this on in your car and thank me later. -Craig

2. "
Cameage" by Descendents  -- This week I chose one of my top 5 favorites tracks of all time. I grew up on the Descendants and will always listen to them. I first heard this track on a cassette tape I picked up from a local music shop in my hometown, Taunton, while out skating one afternoon. The only reason I bought it was because they were on SST Records, same label as Black Flag, Sonic Youth, and Bad Brains, so I figured it couldnt be half bad. This led me to slowly acquire their whole discography, the only thing that held me back was the amount of money I brought in on my paper route, and the condition of the deck I was skating at the time. Their music evolves as you follow their career and they even write songs about having an "adult job" and eventually growing up, even though they said they don't wanna! As an outcast skater kid growing up in the suburbs, this connection to the outside world and affirmation that there were kids like me out there was crucial. Man, do you remember the days when shaving half your head, piercing your face, dying your hair, and riding a skateboard ACTUALLY WAS THE COUNTER-CULTURE? I do, imagine all the chicks I would have scored had I been that teen, in this year? Ah well, it just helped form the anti-mainstream, jaded adult that I am today! -Michael

3. "Long Way Down" by Sam Means  --  In a whirling circle of parenting bloggers and social media sharing of hip parents I found Sam Means' solo stuff. These tunes are fun and make me tap my foot on a Tuesday at my desk creating some new illustrations. I usually skip over the one very touching song for his daughter only because I don't want anyone in the office to think I'm soft ; ) ...even though I am - Don

4. "Will Do" by TV On The Radio -- I found out about TV On The Radio from a writer on ESPN named Paul Shirley who was a bench warmer for quite a few teams in the NBA and I listened to his recommendation for "Wolf Like Me" and couldn't stop listening to them.  I chose this song because it is Eila's favorite and it calms her down and we listen to it before bedtime. But The video is amazingly beautiful, emotionally haunting and the video plays up the lyrics of the song which is what music videos are supposed to do. -Andre

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