This morning started off great!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our pal Don Naylor (another Hipster Dad) is staying with us for the week while his ladies are back in New York as they await their new apartment to be ready (Movin’ on up!!). So this morning he, Sierra and I ate breakfast together, played with dolls and then got ready for our days. Don went off to work and Sierra and I scooted to the bus stop. She loves riding her little scooter and it makes getting to the bus so much faster / less of a hassle.

Now this is where the day starts to go down hill. Once I arrived back home after dropping her off I throw my helmet and sunglasses on and jump on my bike to head to work. About one block later I realize my tire is flat. I don’t have a working pump so I walk the bike back home and throw all my stuff from my bike bag to my regular work bag and check the next bus arrival time (hooray public transit!). Luckily one was arriving in 4 minutes so I quickly sprint out of the house and proceed to RUN for 3 blocks to the bus stop, only then realizing i left my regular non-sun glasses in my other bag. I’m practically blind without glasses so there’s no way I could make it through the day without them. So I miss the bus and walk back home, cursing the whole way of course. I retrieve my things and check the next bus time which is in 30 minutes so I say fuck it and call an Uber. Worth every penny.

This shitty morning is exasperated by the fact my Vespa scooter also stopped starting two days ago for no apparent reason. So now my scooter and my bike are out of commission on the first nice weather week of the year here in Boston. Why do my vehicles all hate me? Anyway - it could be worse but I felt like having a mini-vent session. Hope everyone else’s day is going better than mine!


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