Whats New Friday: Here we go again...

Friday, March 1, 2013

A while ago I used to do posts called "Whats New Friday" where I would give an update about what was new with Us (the family), Sierra and the blog. I haven't done one of these post since July of 2011 so I figure I should get back on that...

WHATS NEW WITH US: Jobs jobs jobs! Both Lauren and I got new jobs! Lauren left her job in Brookline and accepted a position as a special education coordinator / teacher for Somerville Public Schools in September. Supper happy for her / proud of her! My new job is a little more recent as in I started on Monday. I left my UI / Visual Designer job at SapientNitro and headed to EF Education First. This was for a variety of reasons the main ones being I am now doing UX work which is something I've been wanting to get into for awhile. The second major reason is working in the educational sector VS. the marketing and advertising one is a lot more my speed. I've only been here a week but I couldn't be more excited and happy with my decision.

WHATS NEW WITH SIERRA: Just about everything. She talks in full paragraphs, she does a lot of solo-imaginiative play with multiple characters / voices, She can draw people, animals, etc. She's quickly become a "kid" and I'm not ready.

WHATS NEW WITH THE BLOG: As you may have noticed we added 2 new dads, Andre and Don,  bringing the grand total of hipness to 4. We got a new look and we're actually trying to blog regularly. We also started a new blog series called: Moms on Dads.


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