Are YouTube Ads just NOT targeted at all?

Friday, March 9, 2012

DISCLAIMER: Sometimes when Sierra is upset in the car I let her watch YouTube videos. GUILTY AS CHARGED. If letting her watch the Sticky, Sticky, Sticky Bubble Gum, The Bus Song or The Duck Song (her three favorites) once in awhile means not having a screaming toddler while in bumper to bumper Boston morning traffic then so be it. ANYWAYYYY...

So something I've noticed a lot is how un-targeted the ads are. What makes YouTube think that someone who wants to watch "The Bus Song" 4x in a row wants to see an advertisement for Shock Top Beer? It's gotten to the point where I don't think YouTube is even an OK thing to let her watch these videos on. I've seen ads for sexual and violent movies, Trojan condoms and this morning the beer. Google is normally pretty on-point with their targeted ads (for example I always get ones for soccer, portuguese themed t-shirts and tattoos) but the Google-owned YouTube just doesn't seem to get the same ad-targeting functionality. I'm not mad about this by the way, lets make that clear, it's my job as a parent to make sure my child isn't seeing things we deem inappropriate. This post is just a simple observation about the disservice they are doing to their advertisers. If they advertised "Baby Alive" or Cookie Monster Pajamas before these videos they'd probably have better luck getting my money. Sierra isn't begging me for orange flavored beer any time soon (I hope). Anyone else notice this??

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