Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love TOMS. I got my first pair right before Sierra's first birthday last August. I'm now on my third pair and have also converted my whole family. Look at this adorable photo I took last night. Daddy, Mama and Baby. The baby toms are called TINY TOMS, how cute is that? Besides being insanely comfortable and stylish, it's for a good cause! More on the cause here:, and no I did not get paid to say this, but Toms if you see this I'm a size 10 ½ ;) -Craig

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  1. We are all wearing these shoes right now too :)

  2. Tiny Toms are THE CUTEST!! just cannot get enough of them!! =)

  3. I thought I already posted a comment on here, but I guess not. I'm either losing my mind (thanks to pregnancy) or the internet failed me. What I was saying was that Tom's needs to send you a pair of shoes for taking this adorable photo!!! pretty much sold me on getting a pair for every member of our family. PS: stole your 'button' to add to our favorite blogs on "Some Kind Of Wonderful"! xo

  4. Aw thanks!! TOMS is actually really bad about responding to customers/supporters through social media etc. I've tweeted @ them many of time throughout my year of being a loyal customer, never a response hah so I doubt they saw this/care but oh well I still love their product/cause! Thanks for posting our button on your page!! <3 I'll do the same asap! -C


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