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Friday, June 10, 2011

Here are a few of the thousands of photos that get dumped onto my drive every week, they span from Easter to as recent as yesterday. I take a lot of photos, probably too many! After filling 1tb of my new 4tb drive in less then 3 months I realize its probably time to be a bit more selective with what I keep, ya think?

 Both boys love sitting in the window and watching the sun set.

 We sat in the parking lot at Whole Foods for way too long while they cracked up at these dogs!

I will try to regularly keep these photos coming, but in the meantime how about a couple clicks to show us some love? Help spread the word? Thanks! <3

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  1. Michael I love these photos OMG, so excited to see you guys next weekend! WIll C be with us?! -Craig

  2. oh my goodness! keep them all. sooo cute!


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